Sasan Gir Safari – Asiatic Lion and Gir Forest

Sasan Gir Safari – Asiatic Lion and Gir Forest

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RAJKOT: Asiatic lions are approaching Rajkot!

The recurrence of the lions going after dairy cattle in towns near the city is expanding. On Saturday night, a lion killed homegrown steers in Nadala town in Babra taluka of Amreli region. The town is around 45 km from Rajkot.

As indicated by sources, the lion slaughtered a bullock in the ranch of Jesing Vakotar.

“Ranchers in these towns never expected that a lion would murder their cows. They were extremely terrified as they had never seen lions in their environmental factors. In any case, the lion deserted its prey and got away from the spot when individuals assembled,” sources in the town said.

On Sunday as well, a lion went after some steers nearby. Timberland division authorities hurried to the spot and have begun observing the lion’s development.

“It appears to be that the lion may have come from Liliya-Krakach zone. We are attempting to find out the territory from where it might have come. Odds are that the lion may have wandered out of the Dhari timberland range too,” a senior woodland official said.

Prior, lions have been seen in towns of Jasdan, Gondal and Kotda-Sangani, which are totally situated close by Rajkot.

A couple of months prior, lions had killed homegrown cows in Bildi, Vinjuvadi and Sanala towns in Gondal taluka and Bhadva town in Kotda-Sangani taluka of Rajkot area. Bhadva is around 25 km away from Rajkot city. These lions had come from Chandgadh territory in Amreli.

Prior, in October 2008 as well, a lioness and three offspring were spotted close to Gondal. They had slaughtered cows in Panchiyavadar town.

The information investigation of immediate and aberrant proof like sightings, prey and pugmarks show that lions’ realms spread more than 1,100 towns in three locale of Saurashtra district. As of now, lions possess a zone more than 16,000 square km in Saurashtra spread more than three locale – Junagadh, Amreli and Bhavnagar. steers 45km-from-Rajkot/articleshow/43780744.cms



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